My journey towards zero waste
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When I first started my journey to zero waste it was out of a sense of duty. The evidence is mounting that the way we are living on this planet is not sustainable. School kids are taking time out of their education to sound the alarm so as a mother I felt I needed to get on board, roll up my sleeves and help out. I started trying to reduce the amount of single use plastic, buy the most eco-friendly option, make the greenest, most sustainable choice. It felt overwhelming and the first few steps seemed to be full of ‘what difference can I make?’ moments. It seems as if every company out there is releasing a green option, convincing us to buy more new things because they are ‘eco-friendly’. Consumerism has put on a green mask and it is hard to see the wood from the trees.

So I started thinking about it, beyond what we are being told by the people hoping to make money from us. Why am I on this journey? What is the journey to zero waste about? For me it is living as mindfully as possible, living as part of the earth. Do I think that little bit of plastic I didn’t buy is going to help the planet? Possibly, as it is potentially one less piece in the sea. It might make a difference to one little sea creature. But, more importantly than that. It is being part of something bigger. Taking my place amongst the humans who want to live as lightly as possible on the planet, leave the lightest mark, protect the other species who also live here. The strength is in the numbers and for there to be any significant strength there has to be lots of numbers.

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My local zero waste shop is cheaper than the supermarket

We are past the point of wondering if the way we are living is damaging the planet. Common sense alone should tell us that humans are pushing in a very unnatural direction. Out of sync with the earth, the eco system and the creatures that inhabit this little globe. We need to move back to nature, take care of our planet and clean up our damn mess. And do you know what? I honestly believe a simpler, less consumer driven lifestyle has been very beneficial for my mental health. A perk I was not expecting.

How do we achieve this? Stop mindlessly consuming, stop making money and disposable living our priorities. For me, I found it less overwhelming to do this one step at a time. It is a lot less overwhelming to look at each individual purchase and make the best decision possible for that one item than to race ahead and try and overhaul everything in one sweep. So, I am starting a challenge #SAVEONEPIECE. That’s it. Just one piece, every time you can. It adds up. It makes you think about what you are purchasing and whether you actually need it. If you do, what is the most environmentally friendly way to get it? Borrow things, swap things, buy second hand, buy from zero waste shops, local markets, buy loose, buy less, buy it in the most eco friendly packaging you can.

Let’s all be the change that the world desperately needs to see. There is a lot of strength in numbers. Can you #SAVEONEPIECE today?


Kate xx

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