Oat Milk

Easy, store cupboard homemade oat milk.

As we find ourselves in the midst of an unprecedented situation we have to adapt. Some people are panic buying everything in sight. I actually witnessed one person stock piling sprouts, are we confusing the empty shelves with Christmas?! If we are to get through this we need to stop stock piling, start thinking as a unit rather than every man for themselves. We need to start thinking for ourselves and adopting more of a ‘make do and mend’ attitude that served previous generations so well. Using the ingredients that are available is a good start. If you can’t find plant milk you may have hit upon the genius thought ‘How do I make plant milk’, if so read on my friend! If you happen to have a big bag of porridge oats lurking or are able to get them but not milk then you can make your own plant milk. It is not Oatley Barista but it really is very palatable and we are considering making this our long term plant milk. Now is not a time for discussing zero waste but we need to be aware that all of this panic buying is adding to the waste that we were all trying so hard to reduce just one month ago. This is a lower waste option, if you have a zero waste shop

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