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Welcome to my little corner of the web. Here you can watch our journey to increase our savings (from an initial starting point of £0!) whilst reducing our impact on the planet.

Who am I?

I am Kate, a thirty something married mum of one teenager. We currently rent a lovely cottage in an idyllic part of Somerset. It is a beautiful place to live but we are very aware that we don’t own it. That means simple things like decorating or home improvement are off the cards and bigger things like financial security in the future hangs in the balance. I currently work part time due to us removing our teenage daughter from school, not an easy decision but definitely a positive move for her. She now attends college two days a week (which involves four hours of driving to get there and back) making it difficult to increase my working hours. Which led me to thinking…If I can’t work full time at the moment, how can we get on the property ladder whilst still living as lightly on the planet as possible? I decided the only way to do it would be…

Lots of side-hustling, frugal living and penny pinching whilst not compromising on our duty to be as planet friendly as possible. With budget and planet in mind we live a vegan lifestyle so you will see lots of vegan recipes here. Not your posh nosh, just hearty, healthy family food.

So, in essence that is what you will find here. Money saving tips, eco living ideas, plant based recipes and our journey to owning a home.

If you have a goal, whether it is to reduce waste, increase savings, go Vegan or get a side hustle then please sign up here as this blog will benefit you. If you don’t have a goal, get a goal and then sign up here as this blog will also benefit you! If you really can’t think of a goal, read on to be inspired.

What can we achieve in 12 months? Let’s get those goals written down, a plan to work towards them in place and lets do this.

Love & positive thoughts

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Contact me if you have any questions about my recipes or eco-living tips.