A sustainable planet – positive action in the face of climate change
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Lately I have been looking into ‘The Law of Attraction’. One of the basic principles is that ‘energy flows where attention goes‘. If you haven’t heard of it, or if you haven’t taken the time to look into it – I really, really recommend you do. There are plenty of resources on the subject but as a starting point ‘The Secret’ on Netflix is an easy watch and covers the basics. Some of the principles really started to resonate with me and made me think about the way I have been approaching my feelings towards climate change.

It is so easy to become absorbed in the problems, that you become unable to see past the message that the planet is burning and if we don’t immediately down tools and make major changes we are dooming every animal and ourselves to a certain death. This creates a feeling of fear and fear renders us helpless to act. And so, ‘climate anxiety‘ is born. It becomes harder to make positive changes as the problem seems so vast and us so small. Sure we can follow the steps, buy the bamboo toothbrush and make small changes but the problem still feels bigger than us.

We need to flip the way we think about this. To stop concentrating on the the negative. This is a wonderful opportunity for us as humans to change our reality. We have more knowledge than we have had at any point in history. We know more about life on our planet, how to protect it, how to nuture it and develop it. We know more about ourselves as humans, we have seen from the climate strikes how many of us care very deeply about the planet. We know there is hope, when kids are leading the way forward and demanding change. Perhaps it is now time for the adults to calmly take the reins and be the change that these kids and our planet need to see.

We know what needs to be done, lets do that. Lets live our lives in ways that align with our values – I presume that your values are similar if you are reading me blog? All of the skills we need are available and the knowledge is there to be shared. For my part, I am going to live the life that I want to live, the type that aligns with my values. It brings me happiness to grow vegetables on my allotment and in tubs in the garden, to prepare dinners from fresh produce. To follow a vegan diet so that there is peace on my plate and in my body. To share happy moments, good food and positive changes on this blog with anyone who would like to read it. If all of us start to align our thoughts and values with our actions then change will follow.

Greta Thunberg recently visited Bristol, the crowd was huge. She commented that “activism works, so I am telling you to act”. I admire Greta and the movement she has created is wonderful. A perfect example of what we can achieve when we work together with a common goal in mind. I feel that she has started a ball rolling that can only snowball. She has brought an abstract reality to a mainstream belief. I understand what the movement is about and the changes that are being asked for. But, I think we need to stop looking to a Government that has a vested in interest in only money and power to protect us. They should, but experience is proving they won’t. We need to be the change.

So, if you are anti climate change, by default you are pro climate stability. Concentrate on that. What can you do to encourage climate stability? For me it looks likes this:


But I could shorten it to this:

Be the sort of human that I can be proud of.

You can expect lots of delicious vegan recipes here, fruit & veg growing tips and triumphs and me sharing my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. I hope you’ll join me.

Kate xx

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